Spring Break

Ditch Fridays 2010 –

Las Vegas has been a right of passage for generations. No destination captures the imagination and the lore of America like Las Vegas. Every year, some twenty something with his hat on backwards is raking in huge stacks of chips on his way to becoming the next poker phenom and every college kid in the world thinks … why not me! 

Spring Break is synonymous with drinking, sex, and pushing all levels of pleasure to the jagged edge of being legally/socially acceptable. People talk about going to places like Cancun, Miami Beach, Venice Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Rocky Point … but Las Vegas is the one place on the planet where that type of behavior is not only common place, but encouraged.  The beauty of Las Vegas is that when talking about spring break will seem pathetic to someone past their twenties, you’ll find men and women of all ages talking about their Vegas experiences.



So the first thing to remember about spring break in Vegas:


  1. Get there cheap. That means planning your trip early. We strongly recommend that you use Southwest Airlines because they don’t charge a fee if you change your flights, they have the lowest fares and don’t charge for bags, and most important – you can book one segment of your trip at a time. You can also check ALL of the discount fare sites. We recommend:
    1. Cheapoair.com
    2. Kayak.com
    3. Hotwire.com
    4. Orbitz.com
  2. Decide where you want to stay. There is a huge difference between staying on the Strip, Staying downtown, and staying off the strip. You can get incredible deals downtown and in some of the older places on the strip. We recommend staying at the Plaza, Four Queens, Fitzgerald’s, and the El Cortez if your are looking for cheaper places to stay downtown. If you stay cheap, you have more money for food, drinks, gambling, and clubs. Best rates are usually found on:
    1. Orbitz.com
    2. Travelworm.com
    3. Expedia.com
  3. Plan what you are going to do. This can even be … wake up – drink – gamble – drink – try to remember to eat – drink – gamble – did I eat” – drink – what was her name – should I wake her – drink – what day is it?


Seriously, there are a lot of great things to do in Vegas. Gambling, great food, incredible nightclubs are just a start.  Here are a few of our recommendations:


Club Hop Special: 

Las Vegas has some of the hottest, most spectacular nightlife in the World. If you are coming to town then you have got to hit the nightclubs. One club makes for a great night out. Two clubs rock. But for the full-on Vegas experience you have to take in three.

But that can cost serious money. Cover charges, taxi fares, tips, it can easily run into $100s. Not to mention time wasted in the notorious nightclub lines and waiting around for cabs.

There is a solution and it costs just $49. The Club Viva Club Hop Party ushers you past the waiting masses with VIP entry into the hottest and most happening clubs. There are no cover charges. No waiting in line. No hassles.

What's more we provide the transportation so you can forget the car/taxi lines and get on with the action. Equipped with a sound system and a ready supply of shots we guarantee to keep the party going between venues.

The Club Viva Club Hop Party is the whole deal - everything you need for an incredible night out in Vegas at one amazing price.

Light weights – One night: Club Hop Special

This package is on sale at just $49 person and includes:

Meet at Rouge in MGM - Then Tabu, Rum Jungle and Christian Audigier (Fri & Sat - Upgrade to Pure - Vegas Hotest Night Club)

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Strip Clubs Bash: Our Best Gentlemen’s Clubs



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Other packages include:


Club Hop Deluxe

Cover & VIP to Ghostbar, Moon, Playboy Club & Rain



Club Hop Party



Recession Buster!

2 Nights,

6 Clubs,

Transportation and Shots!




Vegas T&A

Cover & VIP to 3 Gentlemen's Clubs with Transportation and Shots!





Package Viva No.1

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Tabu and Jet



Package Viva No.2

Limo, Champagne & VIP to Body English / LAX / Pure / Tao / Tryst / XS / Lavo



Package Viva No.3

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Mix, Tabu & Studio 54



Package Viva No.4

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Mix + (LAX/Pure/Tao/Jet/The Bank) + Drai's Afterhours



Package Viva No.5

The Ultimate Vegas Weekender



Package Viva No.6

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Mix Ultralounge, Men of Olympia Male Review & Body English



Package Viva No.7

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Men of Olympia, Tabu & Studio 54



Package Viva No.8

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Sapphire & Forty Deuce



Package Viva No.9

Limo, Drinks & VIP to

Mix, Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Playboy Club & Moon



Package Viva No. 10

Limo, Drinks, Cover & Reserved Table in VIP Area at any Club in Town!



Package Viva No. 11

Limo, Drinks, Cover & VIP to any Club in Town!



Package Viva No. 12

Manic Mondays | Limo, drinks and VIP to Rumjungle & Foundation Room



Package Viva No. 13

Tuesday's Sin | Limo, drinks and VIP to Pure and Studio 54


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Package Viva No. 14

Wicked Wednesdays | Limo, drinks and VIP to Body English and LAX



Package Viva No. 15

Thirst Thursday's | Limo, drinks and VIP to Tabu and Tao



Package Viva No. 16

Super Sunday's | Limo, drinks and VIP to Body English and Tryst



Package Viva No.17

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Tabu & Studio 54



Package Viva No.18

Limo, Drinks, Fix Restaurant & VIP to Caramel & The Bank



Viva No.19

Rock Chick Heaven - Limo, Drinks, VIP to Wasted Space and Jet



Package Viva No.21

Cover & VIP to Mist & Christian Audigier



Package Viva No.22

Bargain Bachelorette Cover & Front of Line Entry



Package Viva No.23

Limo, Drinks & VIP to Mix, Sapphire, Your Choice of Nightclub + Drai's Afterhours



Package Viva No.24

Bargain Bachelor Cover & Front of Line Entry